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Process and tool design for new parts
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Kinds of Service

Service Prozess and Tool design

The new service offers to support you in several ways.
You will get a report with all relevant information.

Drawing of the part made by cold forging

Often the part to be formed was previously a turning part. With the special knowledge about cold forging we will review the part drawing and will provide a revise drawing showing how the part could look like as a forged part (no sharp corners, free flow surface, etc)

Provision of an available progression design including simulation and tool assembly drawing
In case that a progression of a part or a similar part is already available we will provide this progression including a simulation to verify the progression and a tool assembly drawing. The customer must adapt this design to local conditions.

Development of a new progression design including simulation and tool assembly drawing
We develop a new progression for the part and verify it by simulation. A tool assembly drawing will be done as well.

Further service like tool drawings or pre-straining calculation for tools and others can be offered.
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