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The  Company

CPM is an engineering company working in the field of forging. We offer service and technology transfere as well as joint R & D. We offer easy to handle solutions based on latest scientifc developments and long years of expierience as  well as "simple" state of the art solutions of daily problems.

CPM is a spin-off of the Aachen university of technology. The joint managing directors Dr. Gerhard H. Arfmann and Dr. M. Twickler got their education at the Aachen university and worked in R & D in the fields of civil engineering, mining and metal forming, ferrous metallurgy, Elektrotechnic und Informatic.  

CPM focus today in the area of forging.

Main areas are simulation methodes, investigation in material data, co-ordination and participation in R & D projects and technical service for industry.  

CPM participates in national and international industrial and scientific workgroups. CPM is member of the Deutscher Schraubenverband (DSV) and the Confederation of British Forgers (CBF).

Internationally CPM works in close co-operation with several universities.

CPM co-operates in the ICFG (interantional cold forging group) as well
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